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The MRV Chapter of the AAPM holds at least one meeting annually. Meetings are a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues, learn about trends in the field of Medical Physics, and interact with vendors.

Update: Spring Chapter Meeting Postponed

We have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation, and have made the decision to reschedule the MRVAAPM Spring Chapter Meeting for a later date.

Because the UNMC radiation oncology symposium will be rescheduled, likely some time in August, we will still plan to hold our Young Investigator Session, business meeting and Night Out in conjunction with that symposium in Omaha, NE.

The mock oral exam will be held within a few weeks of the rescheduled ABR oral exam, which does not yet have a firm date. Location is TBA.

We will accept video submissions for the MedPhys Slam, and judges will review these submissions remotely. The deadline for video submissions is May 1, and these may be sent to Jeffrey Snyder (jeffrey-snyder@uiowa.edu). We will send out more information in the coming weeks.

Please direct any questions to mrvaapm@gmail.com.​


Please join us for our Spring Chapter Meeting,

April 17-19, 2020 in Omaha, NE!


Our spring meeting will be held from April 17 - 19th in Omaha, NE. We will hold the mock orals, young investigator session, slam competition, and business meeting on Friday April 17th. A night out for MRV chapter members will be held later that evening. The rest of the conference will be held in conjunction with the UNMC Radiation Oncology symposium (April 18-19) and we encourage our members to register and attend.

Mock Oral Exam

The mock oral exam will be held on April 17th from ~9am-12pm. It will be similar in structure to the ABR oral exam and consist of five 25-minute exams with some additional time for feedback afterward. The number of examinees is limited by the number of examiners so you will be contacted once the event is finalized to confirm your registration (if there is enough spots) and pay the registration fee. The examinees will pay a registration fee $150 and examiners will receive a $150 honorarium for volunteering their time. Examinee and Examiners should sign up using the links below by March 6th 2020. Any additional spots will then become available for non-chapter members that would like to take the exam. Additional details will follow after registration.

Young Investigator Symposium and Med Phys Slam
The Young Investigator Symposium and Med Phys Slam and will held on April 17th. We invite graduate students and medical physics residents to participate and give talks pertaining to their research.  Anyone interested please use the link below to signup. The link has both young investigators competition signup and med phys slam signup. For young investigator participants we ask that you also provide either an abstract for your talk or key learning objectives (the link below contains a table to add this. Please place your learning objectives or abstract in the corresponding box to your speaker # in which you signed up for). For our med phys slam participants we ask that you provide learning objectives for your talk (again please place your learning objectives in the table corresponding to your speaker number). This year speakers can give a YIS and med phys slam talk on the same topic if they would like.  The top three winners of the Young investigator competition will receive a prize of $150, $100, and $50. The top of the slam competition will receive a prize of $150 which we hope will be used towards registration to represent the chapter at the annual AAPM meeting med phys slam competition. The deadline to sign up for both the YIS and med phys slam competitions is March 6th 2020.

Night Out

Members will gather for an informal dinner and drinks following the chapter business meeting on April 17th. Time and Location TBD. 

UNMC Radiation Oncology Symposium 

Members are encouraged to attend the UNMC Radiation Oncology symposium from April 18-19 following the chapter meeting. The two day symposium will feature keynote speakers Steve Jiang, PhD, UT Southwestern and Jing Lin, MD, PhD, MD Anderson Cancer Center as well as talks from medical physicists, radiation oncologists, oncologists, dosimetrists, radiation therapists, radiation biologists, and physicians from other many other specialties related to oncology. CAMPEP credits will also be available. The registration deadline for the symposium is April 10th and the deadline to receive early bird pricing is March 1st. A webs stream version will also be available for those who cannot attend in person.